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A Doll’s House

By Henrik Ibsen

Performed in Russian with English subtitles

Nora and Torvald’s family seems to be very happy. They have three wonderful children, a beautiful house and a bright future ahead of them. But is their marriage as perfect as it appears if just a little secret can tear it apart?

Henrik Ibsen’s play has been considered controversial and shocking due to its style and content when it was first staged. However, this play exploring marriage, trust and duty is still disturbingly relevant today.

A Doll’s House is often perceived as proto-feminist, but Xameleon Theatre’s production is much more than a feminist play. It is a contemporary interpretation talking about the courage to be yourself, the right to make decisions and to take responsibility for those. It is the tale about the duty to oneself.

Cast & Creatives

Directed by Dmitry Turchaninov

Produced by Vlada Lemeshevska

Stage and Costume Design by Irina Gluzman

Costumes assistant: Elizabeth Khan

Lighting design: Yana Demtsenko

English surtitles: Obskura

Performed by Vlada Lemeshevska, Alexander Mercury, Oleg Sidorchik, Oleg Hill and Oksana Sidorenko


Duration: 2 hours 30 min (with interval)


Location: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH

Nearest stations: Marylebone (Bakerloo, National_Rail_Logo National Rail), Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, Bakerloo). Both are about a 7 minute walk.


Odessa stories

A stage adaptation of Isaac Babel’s selected stories.

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

Following the success of A Dog’s Heart by Bulgakov, Xameleon Theatre continues its Russian Revolution season with a show exploring the dark and fascinating world of Odessa’s gangsters.

The Russian Revolution and the civil war that followed were disastrous events in the lives of millions. The society was split apart and the gap was getting wider and deeper every day. Some people were able to find a place in new world, others were recognised as ‘needless’ and ‘undesirable’.

Isaac Babel witnessed and beautifully described The ‘Knights of Moldavanka’, the romantic thugs, all the beggars, small-time businessmen and smugglers that played essential part in Odessa’s Jewish community at the time. Could they fit in or did they become unwanted strangers, aliens in this new world? Explore Babel’s magical world with Xameleon Theatre’s new production featuring live music and strong ensemble led by Moscow Arts Theatre actor Alexey Shedko.

Cast & Creatives

Cast: Alexey Shedko, Oleg Sidorchik, Alexey Averkin, Vlada Lemeshevska and Irina Kara

Director: Konstantin Kamenski

Producer: Vlada Lemeshevska


Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (with interval)


Location: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH

Nearest stations: Marylebone (Bakerloo, National_Rail_Logo National Rail), Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, Bakerloo). Both are about a 7 minute walk.

A Dog’s Heart

After Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel.

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

A brilliant medical professor transplants human hypophysis into a stray dog and creates monstrous man who turns on his creator…

Marking 100 year anniversary of Russian Revolution, London Based Russian company Xameleon Theatre is presenting A Dog’s Heart – an interactive, contemporary and original adaptation of Master and Margarita’s author Mikhail Bulgakov’s satiric masterpiece.

A Dog’s Heart written in 1925, set in the surrealistic world, and featuring a stray dog named Sharik who takes human form as narcissistic incarnation of the New Soviet Man, was banned in Russia for over 60 years for its controversial portrayal of the social clash between the old and the new generations. The plot of this story, traditionally interpreted as an allegory of the Communist revolution, sounds surprisingly relevant in today’s world, by examining the struggle between opposing social classes and their conflicts.

Cast & Creatives

Cast: Oleg Sidorchik, Sergey Kotukh, Alexey Averkin, Aleksandra Tsarkova, Eimas Minkelis, Vlada Lemeshevska

Director: Konstantin Kamensky

Assistant to the director: Katrina Vasilieva

Producer: Vlada Lemeshevska

Stage, Costume Designer and Animator: Irina Gluzman

Video Content Creator: Natalia Lavrova

Camera man: Maxim Shildbach

Video Characters: Irina Kara, Dmitry Turchaninov, Yuri Klimov, Igor Woods

Lighting Designer, Video and Sound OP: Becky Brown

English Subtitles: Obskura (Inese Strupule and Alberto Lopez)


Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (with interval)


Location: Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London N7 9EF

Nearest stations: Caledonian Road (Picadilly Line) — 6 min walk.

Love in a nutshell

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

The show is a stage adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s selected short stories exploring love and relationships between people.

Outside Russia Chekhov is mostly known for his full-length plays, but his ironic, visceral, hilarious and sad short stories also offer incredible source of material for theatre. Alongside with famous stories such as “The Proposal”, Xameleon’s cast will present London’s audience with Chekhov’s less known work such as “A Daughter of Albion” and “The Witch”. In our show, recognisable and timeless sketches of everyday life from the pen of one of the most loved Russian playwrights came together in a humorous and at the same time touching performance.

Cast & Creatives

Cast: Irina Kara, Oleg Hill, Vlada Lemeshevska, Oleg Sidorchik, Vadim Bogdanov, Igor Selivanov, Maria Blatstein

Director and Scenographer: Dmitry Turchaninov

Lighting designer: George Galkin

Prop designer: Zarina Kostelman

Subtitles: Obskura (Inese Strupule and Alberto Lopez)

Assistant Stage Manager: Yelena Roganyan

Producer: Vlada Lemeshevska


Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (with interval)


Location: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH

Nearest stations: Marylebone (Bakerloo, National_Rail_Logo National Rail), Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, Bakerloo). Both are about a 7 minute walk.


The Marriage of Figaro

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

Pierre Beaumarchais’s comedy “The Mad Day, or The Marriage of Figaro” has been successfully staged all over the world and also served as an inspiration for Mozart’s opera of the same name. Russian speaking audience knows “The Marriage of Figaro” primarily as a production of Moscow ‘s Satire Theatre, with legendary Soviet actor Andrei Mironov in the title role. Bringing together a strong cast of Russian speaking actors, we decided to show our own take of this famous play.

Adapting Beaumarchais’ original text, we tried to be faithful to the ideas of the author, who initially wrote this play for Theatre of Commedia Dell’Arte. In our production, elements of Commedia are combined with traditions of Russian and Western theatre schools that were brought to this play by its creators.

Even though it was written around the time of The French Revolution, this play remains relevant, raising ever present questions of desire, hypocrisy, love and politics. Facing those issues, our characters are going through an extraordinary journey taking place throughout the course of this mad day.

Cast & Creatives

Director: Alexia Mankovskaya

Assistant Director: Konstantin Kamensky

Lighting designer: Yuri Galkin

Executive Producer: Vlada Lemeshevska

Cast: Vadim Bogdanov, Vlada Lemeshevska, Oleg Hill, Alexia Mankovskaya, Irina Kara, Oleg Sidorchik, Nikita Zabolotny, Maria Blatstein, Eimas Minkelis


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (with interval)


Location: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH

Nearest stations: Marylebone (Bakerloo, National_Rail_Logo National Rail), Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, Bakerloo). Both are about a 7 minute walk.


The Little Prince
by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

A pilot crashes his plane in the desert, and meets The Little Prince from a distant asteroid. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s universal tale “The Little Prince” directed by famous Central Asian director Ovlyakuli Khodzhakuli, talks to all of us about love, responsibility and loyalty in a simple and non-dogmatic way and brings us back to the heart of what truly matters,
This philosophical tale is intended for children and adults alike — as the author wrote “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it”.

Cast & Creatives

Director: Ovlyakuli Khodzhakuli

Stage and Costume Design: Irina Gluzman

Choreographer: Svetlana Malinina

Lighting designer: Yuri Galkin

Executive Producer: Vlada Lemeshevska

Cast: Anastasia Zinovyeva, Oleg Sidorchik, Vlada Lemeshevska


Duration: 1 hours 20 minutes (without interval)


Location: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH

Nearest stations: Marylebone (Bakerloo, National_Rail_Logo National Rail), Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, Bakerloo). Both are about a 7 minute walk.



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Xameleon Theatre

Xameleon Theatre is a London-based theatre company founded by actress and producer Vlada Lemeshevska in 2015. Over last couple of years Xameleon Theatre presented various shows based on Russian and international classics, including A Dog’s Heart by Bulgakov, The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery and Love in a Nutshell based on Anton Chekhov’s short stories. Working with professional actors and directors from Russian speaking countries, Xameleon Theatre promotes Russian theatre in the UK. Performing in Russian with English subtitles, our work is appealing to both Russian and English speakers interested in Russian theatre and culture. We are currently working on various projects and will be presenting our next show A Dolls House in February 2018.


  • Vlada Lemeshevska
    Vlada Lemeshevska Artistic Director, Producer and Actress

    Vlada trained professionally in London at East 15 Acting School and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Acting. She participated in acting residencies at Shakespeare’s Globe and Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS, Moscow). In 2015, she took part in The Summer Theatre School in Moscow, where she worked with the most prominent Russian theatre practitioners and performed in Evgeni Ibragimov’s play “ours AND ours”. Vlada founded Xameleon Theatre in 2015 and she is the company’s Artistic Director and Producer. She also continues to work as an actress, and most recently performed a role of Suzanna in “The Marriage of Figaro”.

  • Ovlyakuli Khodzhakuli
    Ovlyakuli Khodzhakuli Associate Director

    Ovlyakuli was born in Turkmenistan. He graduated in Directing from Tashkent State and Art Institute and later studied under renowned Soviet and Georgian Director and Teacher Mikhail Tumanishvili in Tbilisi (Georgia). Between 1991-1993 Ovlyakuli was Artistic Director of the Theatre-studio and Youth Theatre in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan). Ovlyakuli has directed more than sixty plays by authors such as Euripides, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Byron, Wilde, Mann and others. A number of his performances have been presented at International festivals in Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, India, Japan and South Korea.

  • Irina Kara
    Irina Kara Actress

    Irina Kara studied at The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow under the mentorship of legendary Soviet film director Sergei Bondarchuk. After graduating in 1989, she toured Canada with a performance group “The Players”, settling in the UK in 1992. Since then she has worked extensively in theatre, film and television. Her credits include “Lord Have Mercy” (film, dir. Vigen Chaldranyan), “Legends” (TV series, dir. Jamie Payne) La corrispondenza ( film, dir. Giuseppe Tornatorre) and “Snowman” (film, dir. Thomas Alfredson).

  • Oleg Sidorchik
    Oleg Sidorchik Actor

    Oleg Sidorchik graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Between 1985 and 2004, he worked at the Belarusian Young Spectators Theatre. Over the following three years (2004-2006) he was an actor at Belarusian Army Theatre. He joined Belarus Free Theatre in 2005. During his career Oleg played an extensive number of lead roles such as “Zone of Silence”, “Cowards”, “A Flower to Pina Bausch”, “Eurepica.Challenge”, “New York 79”, “To be Harold Pinter”. He also played the lead in the production of “King Lear”, which was commissioned by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and performed at its “Globe to Globe” Festival.

  • Konstantin Kamensky
    Konstantin Kamensky Associate Director

    Konstantin graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS/RATI) as a Drama and Opera Director, a pupil of the renowned theatre maestro Roman Viktiouk. He ran his own independent fringe theatre in Moscow from 1999-2004. His production credits include several award-winning theatre productions. He has completed his MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Since then he directed “Brodsky Station” about Joseph Brodsky’s life, one-woman show “Prison Psychologist” by Elena Isaeva and also co-directed “The Marriage of Figaro” for Xameleon Theatre.

  • Maria Blatstein
    Maria Blatstein Actress

    Maria Blatstein graduated from Technion — Israel Institute of Technology. She has been living in Britain since 2007 and studied acting in City Academy and Actors Studio in London. Maria performed in several music, theatre and film projects, including “Love in a Nutshell” by Xameleon Theatre and “The Cry of the Queen” by Orzu Arts. She is a also a permanent cast member of LiveWired — the resident comedy improvisation troupe at The London Improv Theatre.

  • Dmitry Turchaninov
    Dmitry Turchaninov Associate Director / Actor

    Dmitry graduated with Masters degree in Directing from Moscow Arts Theatre School. Prior to that he graduated in Acting from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and worked as an actor at Lithuanian Russian Theatre in Vilnius. He also performed the main role in the show “Walking with Dinosaurs” which was staged in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in association with BBC Worldwide. He moved to London in 2011, having previously directed in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Saratov (Russia). In London he directed a number of shows including an adaptation of Chekhov’s short stories — “Love in a Nutshell” for Xameleon Theatre.

  • Vadim Bogdanov
    Vadim Bogdanov Actor

    Vadim graduated from Russian State University of Performing Arts in Saint-Petersburg in 2010. From 2010 to 2015 worked at Samara Academic Theatre. During that time, he played various roles including: Romeo (Romeo and Juliet), Bulanov (The Forest), Egor (Our Kitchen), Gluhovtsev (Days of Our Lives), Curley (Of Mice and Men) and Malcolm (Macbeth). Vadim is playing title roles in “Love in a Nutshell” and “The Marriage of Figaro”.

  • Oleg Hill
    Oleg Hill Actor

    Oleg Hill graduated in 1989 from Riga Drama Studio in Latvia. In 2006 he moved to the UK, where he trained at London School of Performing Arts and since then has worked in theatre, film, radio and television. He has taken part in many projects and has worked with directors such as Mark Forster (World War Z), Frank Harper (St George’s Day), Brian Grant (New Tricks).

  • Alexia Mankovskaya
    Alexia Mankovskaya Associate Director & Actress

    Alexia graduated from Russian Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow and holds a Masters degree from Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Worked as an actress at The Stas Namin Theatre and Et-Cetera Theatre in Moscow. Collaborated with The Moscow Arts Theatre, Oleg Tabakov Theatre, Lenkom and Kommissarjevsky Theatre as a composer. Co-directed tango-opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” (Riverside Studios), opera “The Yellow dress” and “The Little tragedies” by Pushkin (The Space).

  • Eimas Minklelis
    Eimas Minklelis Actor

    Eimas Minklelis was born in Lithuania. From the early age, he was part of the local theatre group. Combined his interest in theatre with achievements in sports, becoming Lithuania’s champion in Athletics. Eimas moved to London in 2001 and since then performed English and in Russian theatre. His credits include Astrov in “Uncle Vanya”, Treplev in “The Seagull” and pastor Manders from Ibsen’s “Ghosts”. He previously worked with Xameleon Theatre, playing Antonio in “The Marriage of Figaro”.

  • Aleksey Averkin
    Aleksey Averkin Actor

    Aleksey was born in Penza, Russia. He studied acting at the theatre studio ‘Teatr na obochine’ (class of Marina Livinskaya). Aleksey had roles in plays such as ‘Christmas evening’, ‘Italian dreams’ and many others. Aleksey moved to London in 2011 and since then has been engaged in various theatre plays.The most notable being Brodsky Station directed by Konstantin Kamensky, a show Alexey brought to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2017.

  • Alexey Shedko
    Alexey Shedko Actor

    Alexey was born in Belarus. He graduated from Belarus Theatre Academy as an actor. Worked at Tambov and Grodnenskaya Philarmonic society and at Mikhail Finberg’s orchestra. In 1989 created the band “Doctor Moro” in Saint Petersburg. In 1991 Alexey started working at Gorky’s National Russian theatre in Minsk, Belarus, where he played numerous roles such as Podkolesin, Podsekalnikov, Amphitrion, sir Robert Chiltern, and others. Since 2009 Alexey worked as an actor at Moscow Arts Theatre, where he played Ahov in Ostrovsky’s “It’s not all Shrovetide for the cat”, Ignatov in “Tanya”, Belugin in “The Marriage of Belugin” among others. For Xameleon Theatre he played various parts in Odessa’s Stories, based on Isaac Babel’s stories.

  • Irina Gluzman
    Irina Gluzman Costume and Set Designer

    Irina was born in Russia. In 1995 she moved to Israel, where she graduated with MFA in “Stage and Costume Design”. Since 2003 Irina works as a stage designer and also creates puppets for theatre performances. Puppets for show “Winter in Kalandia” won Shternfeld Design Prize and were chosen to represent Israel in prestigious Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. In 2008 Irina moved to England, where she continues working in theatre and also creates sculptures. Her exhibitions were held at Mall Gallery, Royal Society of British Artists and Cork Street Gallery. Irina created set and costume design for Xameleon Theatre’s productions of The Little Prince, A Dog’s Heart, Odessa Stories and A Doll’s House.

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